If you can’t stop thinking about that crumpled bill you left lying about, afraid that someone will open it and reading its contents, a paper shredder might be in order. You’re not looking for an ordinary paper shredder though, you want a shredder that can do the job thoroughly and requires no backup. That is where the AmazonBasics 8 sheet cross cut paper and credit card shredder comes in.


  • Cross cut shredder with capacity of 8 sheets, also destroys credit cards. Shreds to 3/16 by 1-27/32 inch
  • Includes a 1 year limited warranty by AmazonBasics
  • Meets security P3 standards
  • 3 minute duty cycle and 30 minute cool down cycle, with LED overheat indicator
  • Angled feed entry, with auto start and manual reverse
  • 4.1 gallon bin with see-through window and integrated lifting handle


The AmazonBasics 8 sheet cross cut paper and credit card shredder gets the job done once and for all with its 8 sheet capacity cross cut shredder that can obliterate even credit cards. It packs a punch whether you simply want to shred some documents, or give up credit card debt by shredding your card. With this shredder, there is no turning back

Destroying documents and cards is fun but it can also be an important responsibility. There are documents that have harmful information that needs to be disposed of in order to protect the confidentiality of your office. That is why the AmazonBasics 8 sheet cross-cut shredder is up to P3 security standards, rendering documents into tiny pieces nearly impossible to reassemble.

Not only does it protect your offices information security, it also ensures the safety of its users with an angled feed entry to keep your finger tips from being caught, auto start to save you the hassle of having to turn it on and off with every use, and manual reverse to clear out any paper jams.

This shredder has a cycle of three minutes of shredding and 30 minutes of cool down – to keep your machine in excellent operating condition, as heat is often a factor in equipment’s longevity. This thermal protecting feature is capped with a LED overheat indicator, yet another safety feature that lets you know when your machine needs a break. This is pretty nifty in times when you are simply too preoccupied with work to check that your shredder is not overheating.

At the end of all of this shredding is a 4.1-gallon bin that has a see-through window so that you can tell when the bin is full and needs to be emptied. Even emptying your shredder is no longer a chore, as it comes with an integrated lifting handle, making disposal much easier than the usual dump truck style of shredded paper disposal.


A small percentage of users may have gotten a bad shipment of the AmazonBasics 8 sheet cross cut paper and credit card shredder, reporting that it stopped working after only a few days. In contrast, one user was unable to shut off the auto start mode, forcing him to fully unplug the machine in order to make it stop.

As this shredder comes with a one year limited warranty, though, any shredders with these bugs can be replaced for free.


The AmazonBasics 8 sheet cross-cut shredder is your basic shredder of choice when completing your office, or as a nifty addition to any home when trying to organize.

Try it and experience a whole other level of organizing your documents. Work is tiring enough; let the AmazonBasics 8 sheet cross cut paper and credit card shredder take some of the load off. This efficient machine is the ultimate piece of equipment that will improve your work productivity.